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Child & Family Portraits

Child photographer based in Surrey
Family photographer based in Surrey


I've always been laid back and relaxed, however when I became a father of twins in 2013, I  gained an almost zen like calmness when photographing children.  My mind was probably altered during those crazy no sleep nights of the early months.


I am keen to let children play when photographing them and try and involve the parents as much as possible to keep the child relaxed and natural. 

And I totally understand if they need a break.

I offer two types of service, which can be combined if requested...

Studio Portraits 


Using portable studio lights and a background I can build a studio in your home and create some beautiful photographs. White backgrounds are ideal for high contrast black and white image for a very modern feel.

Natural Light Portraits

Running around a park or wood having fun is probably the best way to photograph children at their most natural. I either photograph early morning or towards the end of the day, when the light is soft and at it's most photogenic. And I am totally relaxed about last minute rescheduling due to weather as we all want the best photographic results! 


1 to 2 hour session Studio session or Natural Light Portraits 

£150 for the session. Includes 5 digital images. Further digital images cost £12

£250 for Studio & Natural Light. Incudes 5 digital images.

Physical prints and framing service available on request

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